Faulty ABS

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WARNING Please read description carefully


This ABS is at a massivly discounted rate due to a large batch of faulty ABS,

some spools will be perfectly fine, and others will have weak points along the filament causing random snapping.

We have no way of telling what spools have this issue, therefore every roll from this batch must go good or bad.


Recommendation on how to use:

The main issue is the filament randomly snapping at a point mid print. This can be avoided by running off lengths around a slight bend, this will cause the filament to snap at all weak points allowing you to find the parts of filament that will break mid print. We recommend using this filament for small prints as this will be easy to check for fault points

any spools that have this issue will have it intermittently along the spool, you may receive a perfect spool or you might get a bad one that will only allow for use of half the spool.

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