New Fialment colours

Try our new Silk Duel and Tri colour filament!!

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New filaments

Duel and tri colour silks, High speed PLA, and a new stronger and better type of PLA!!

  • No Tangle

    Our quality products come with a paper placeholder and filament slots in the spool to help reduce the chance of tangles on open and stored filament.

  • No Bubble

    Quality dried materials vacuum sealed with desiccant means no bubbles or holes in the filament delivering a consistent printing experience

  • Non-Toxic

    The PLA (PolyLactic Acid) is a renewable raw material made using cornstarch or sugarcane and is therefore a much more ecologically friendly and safer filament option.

  • Smooth Printing

    The combination of our quality materials, Accurate tolerances and packaging techniques allows for smooth 3D printing every time.


I purchased some rolls of PETG from CC DIY to try out as I like to support local businesses where possible. I was expecting the filament to be on par with some of the cheaper ones on the market, how wrong I was.

Having used almost my first roll I have to admit it is one of the nicest filaments that I have used and continually produces quality, clean prints which are much cleaner than some of the more expensive filaments that I have used. I highly recommend this filament.

  • Customer Service

    CC DIY Materials is a family run business. With every purchase you will get quality support directly from our owners.

  • Quality Materials

    Our product ensures smooth printing, once settings are dialed in, accurate tolerances allow you to achieve great prints consistently.

  • Product Variety

    Our 3D printing filament comes in a range of sizes, colours, and textures. We also offer a range of 3D printer resin and accessories.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    We are confident in the quality of our products and know you will be too. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase our return policy allows for a full refund.